How the Laundromat Shrinks Your Laundry Time

Laundry is far from anyone’s favourite thing to do, yet it’s something that we must do. While there’s no avoiding washing day, you can make the painful process a little quicker with your local laundromat. By combing the high-end facilities of a laundromat with a solid plan of attack, you will easily cut down on laundry time.


High-Capacity Machines Make for Big Time Savers

Home washers have long cycles and small load capacities. A busy week can lead to washing delays and transform that laundry basket into a mountain of dirty clothing.

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Fortunately, laundromats such as our Whangarei laundromat have several high-capacity machines to easily tackle that load of washing you’ve let sit a little too long. Large capacity machines make quick work of big washing jobs, cutting down on time spent doing laundry. If you’ve somehow managed to accumulate a load larger than these machines can handle, you can still get the job done quickly. You won’t have to waste time putting on load after load; we have numerous machines, so you can do it all at once!


Highly Efficient Facilities

Our washers and dryers are all commercial-grade, meaning they are faster and more efficient, leaving your clothes cleaner than an at-home wash. On average, personal washing machine cycles take well over an hour, whereas commercial washers take half that!


Our large dryers give your washing some extra wiggle room in the drum. Extra space means faster drying times without the risk of shrinkage. The high-quality machines at a laundromat will shrink your laundry time down a few sizes, but never your clothes!


Time Saving Tips for the Laundromat

Ensure you take full advantage of the time-saving capabilities of the laundromat by properly preparing for your trip.


Choose Off Hours

Laundromats are often busiest in the morning. Avoid the crowds and fierce fights over machines by heading to the laundromat in the afternoon or evening.


Sort Before You go

While throwing your washing into a bag and lugging it down to the laundromat may be tempting, you may find it harder to spread out and sort your piles in a busy laundromat. You’ll save time and stress by sorting it out at home.


Divide Dark Colours

Darker clothing takes a little longer to dry than others, so consider separating your darks into two smaller loads to reduce drying times. Dividing colours will save laundry time and prevent heat damage to the clothes.


Why Waste Time with Laundry?

Laundry is a chore best put through a quick cycle. Slash your weekly laundry time and swing by a Liquid Laundromat. Our high-powered, large-capacity machines will make quick work of your laundry day headaches. Less time spent on laundry means you can return to more important things. With locations up and down the country, you’re never too far from a Liquid Laundromat; stop by today and experience the difference!