Debunking Common Laundromat Myths

From Fight Club to Friends, self-service laundromats have had less than favourable depictions in mainstream media, but not every laundromat has a Marla stealing clothes or a Ross and Rachel fighting over machines. Laundromats have accumulated a fair few unfavourable myths over the years, transforming them from a helpful and handy laundry option to a derelict wasteland of grit and grime. Here we put the laundromat through a thorough wash and debunk some of the most common laundromat myths.


Laundromats are Only for People Without Washing Machines

While the laundromat is a godsend for those without washing machines, it can still be a beneficial option for those with a washer at home. The large capacity washers at the laundromat can tackle those big laundry jobs your personal machine simply can’t handle. Whether you have a duvet, pet bedding, or any other bulky items needing washing, a laundromat can make light work of large loads and save you a hefty dry-cleaning bill.

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You have to Fight for Machines at the Laundromat

A misconception surrounding laundromats is that they are crowded and hectic zones, where machines are a scarce resource, and you have to fight tooth and nail to claim one for yourself. This could not be further from the truth. Liquid Laundromats houses dozens of machines and can serve several people at once.


Laundromats are Dirty

Dirt and cleanliness meet at the laundromat – you come in with a load of dirty washing and leave with fresh, clean clothes. But how clean are laundromats really? Laundromats are often painted with a broad and dirty brush, which couldn’t be more inaccurate! Our machines undergo regular cleaning, and a clean rinse water cycle is used in every wash at least twice. We also carry out routine sanitising and extra hot wash cycles of the machines when required.


The Underwear Bandit Is Out to Get You

The most anxiety-inducing aspect of a trip to the laundromat is the horrifying thought of someone going off with your washing. We hate to break it to you, but no one is out to get your dirty underwear. A common laundromat myth is that an underwear bandit hides behind every machine, just waiting for you to turn your back. The reality is much less exciting. Most machines have a locking function that prevents the theft of your clothing while it’s being washed, so you can rest easy knowing no one is making off with your laundry.


Don’t Take Our Word for it! Find out for Yourself the Benefits of the Laundromat

Laundromats have become the ghost stories of laundry, each tale getting more outlandish than the next and even further from the truth. But much like ghost stories – most laundromat myths are simply not true. Don’t believe us? Head down to our Blenheim laundromat or any of our other locations across the country to see for yourself.