All prices are listed on each laundromat site. Check your nearest laundromat location to see what laundry facilities are available.

Check the nearest laundromats

To Make Doing Your Laundry Easy, Please Remember:

  • 1. To bring your Easy-Key or Liquid Card. You can buy or add credit to these from top-up agents.
  • 2. Your own soap powder. Most top-up agents also have laundry products for sale.
  • 3. To collect your laundry at the end of your wash and dry to allow the next customer to use the machines.
Check the nearest laundromats

Laundromat prices vary from site to site as each laundromat has different sizes of washers and dryers to meet the laundry needs of local customers.

Call the following number for additional questions

06 281 2027