Liquid Laundromats Frequently Asked Questions

No. Liquid Laundromats is a NZ family-owned and operated company.

Most of our self-service laundromat are operating 24/7, offering flexible hours to accommodate customers' laundry needs, but please check the hours at the location you require.

Yes, we have installed high performance washers and energy efficient dryers that are designed to handle a variety of laundry items, from everyday clothing to larger items like mink blankets, feather duvets, bedding, pillows, curtains, rugs and sports uniforms. Please check care instructions.

Many of our locations have a dedicated washer for washing Pet Blankets.

Absolutely, our self-service laundromats adhere to safety standards and provide clear instructions on the proper use of detergents and chemicals.

All Liquid Laundromats are Self-Service where our customers bring their own detergent and fabric softeners. However, it's essential to follow guidelines provided in our facilities to ensure proper usage of detergent soap for best care on your laundry. Remember too much detergent or soap powder will not clean your laundry any better. Stick to the guidelines provided.

Yes they can be cleaned using our high-performance washers. Please check the care label first for washing instructions. If there is no care label we recommend to wash on a cold gentle cycle.

These temperatures vary but as a guide are approximately Cold/Woollens/Delicate cycles – less than 15 °, Warm cycles - less than 40 °,  Hot - less than 65 °

The temperature that is displayed on the washers is only an indication for the hot cycles.  The Hot Water Heaters are set for at least 75’c so by the time the water gets to the machine it would be at least 60’c. The washers do not have heaters in them so the temperature is variable depending on distance from the hot water heaters and the room temperature.

Check Care Label First - Yes up to a cup of bleach could be used but only if the duvet filling is feather or down (not wool).  Make sure the Wash Cycle is Warm Gentle to be safe or if you want to take some risk use Cycle Hot Wash.

We have various washing machine sizes, indicated by their load capacity. For smaller loads, opt for machines with lower capacities which is 8 kg, and for larger loads, choose machines high-capacity washing machine which can load either 18kg or 28kg. The weights are only an indication.

Liquid Laundromats have washing machines equipped with different settings suitable for delicate items. Use the designated cycles for gentle washing to avoid damage. Check your care label.

It's best to follow our guidelines on the washer and use the appropriate amount of detergent recommended for the size of the washer. Avoid overloading the machine with detergent as this will not give your laundry a better wash. Too much could fault the machine with too many suds.

Absolutely! Our high-capacity machines are perfect for washing sports blankets, including those used during outdoor activities. You can enjoy fresh and clean sports blankets after every adventure.

To minimize wrinkles, remove the washed clothes promptly from the dryer once the cycle is complete. Additionally, don't overload the dryer, as it may lead to uneven drying and increased wrinkling.

We regularly inspect our different location sites and maintain our tumble dryers to ensure accurate temperature regulation and drying duration, which helps prevent damage to your washed clothes.

It's considerate to be mindful of other customers' laundry loads and space. Please ensure you stay with your clothes so you can remove at the end of your cycles otherwise other customers can remove your laundry.

To maintain the softness and fluffiness of mink blankets, we recommend using dryers on low- medium heat settings. Avoid high heat, as it may affect the fabric's texture.