Common Laundry Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve ever pulled a shrunken jumper out of the washing machine or made that wine stain a whole lot worse by rubbing it – you are not alone! We’ve all experienced a few oopsie moments at the laundromat. The good news is these common laundry mistakes are easily avoidable.


Not Reading the Labels

Get into the habit of checking the wash label of all new pieces of clothing before washing. Most laundry mistakes can be avoided by reading the wash label beforehand. A quick check can save a world of upset when your washing is finished and ensure that your brand-new outfit looks great.

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Washing and Drying at High Temperatures

While bumping up the heat may seem like a genius workaround to a lengthy laundry process, it’s probably why your clothing is coming out two sizes smaller.


A simple fix for this common laundry mistake is to wash cold; you can wash most clothing in colder temperatures. The key to preventing shrinkage while drying is less heat and more space. Large capacity dryers, like the ones at our Invercargill laundromat, provide ample room for your clothes to dry faster and in lower heat.


Tackling Stains


Leaving a Stain too Long

We’ve all been guilty of letting a stain linger for too long. Untreated stains can penetrate the fibres, making them much harder to remove.


You’ll want to soak or pre-treat the stain to prevent permanent staining. Prompt action helps to fade the stain and give it the best chance of removal.


Rubbing a Stain too Vigorously

On the other hand, you don’t want to be too enthusiastic with your pre-treating! When you rub a stain too much, you risk creating lasting damage.


Soaking the clothing first to ease the stain is a great way to avoid this. And remember, dab, don’t rub!


Not Closing Zippers Before Washing

It’s an easy laundry mistake to make, so we’ll forgive you for making it, but unzipped zippers can be disastrous for your clothing. Zippers can often create holes and rips in other items while they’re tossing around in the washing machine.


Before washing your clothes, remember to close all zips to prevent them from catching and snagging on your other items.


Using too Much Detergent

It’s tempting to be heavy-handed with your detergent, but more detergent does not equal cleaner clothes! Adding too much detergent creates a sticky residue that won’t completely rinse out.


Avoid by simply using the recommended amount of detergent. Most washing powders come with a handy measuring scoop, so you know exactly how much you need.


You Don’t have to Deal with Shrinking Clothes

Laundry is a little more involved than chucking your dirty clothes in and closing the door! Without proper care, laundry mistakes can become a common occurrence. Remember these laundry tips the next time you swing by one of our Liquid Laundromats locations, so your washing goes off without a hitch.