Rainy days inevitably lead to muddy stains. Thanks to the temperamental weather we have down under, getting muddy is part of the norm when you work outside or have kids and pets, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe is doomed!

Removing mud stains is a dirty business, but somebody has to do it. Here we’ll show you what you need to do during your next trip to the self-service laundromat to pull your clothes back from the brink of a muddy demise.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Mud Stains

Let the Mud Dry

When removing mud stains, you must forget everything you were taught about doing laundry. We’re always told to act fast with stains, but when it comes to mud, there’s no rush. Mud stains are much easier to manage when they have been allowed to dry. If you blot or rub fresh dirt, it will do nothing but smear across even more of the clothing, driving it deeper into the fabric. The golden rule of mud removal is to let it harden.

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Scrape Dried Mud Off

Once the mud has dried, shake off the larger clumps. For more settled-in dirt, gently scrape it off with a butter knife or the edge of a spoon, being careful not to over-scrape and damage the material. It’s crucial to remove as much dirt as possible during this step, so whip out those archaeological skills and start delicately unearthing that clean top from under those mud stains.

Apply Detergent and Rub

With the dried dirt removed, it’s time to apply some liquid detergent to the stained area. Let the detergent sit for 15 minutes before using a toothbrush to lightly rub the stain from both sides of the fabric. The detergent will loosen any mud that has dug deep into the fibres. Avoid soaking the entire garment, as the dirt will dissolve and permeate the clothing.

Wash and Dry

You can now settle back into your regular laundry routine and wash the mud-stained clothing, remembering to read the care label instructions. Consider using an oxygen bleach for best results, as it is generally safer for colours and may lighten the stain. Only dry the item after all traces of the stain have been removed.

Tips for Removing Mud Stain Odours

Removing mud stains isn’t just a visual thing; the smell of caked-on mud can be unbearable. To remove mud odours from clothing, mix equal portions of water and vinegar into a spray bottle, then apply directly to the stained area. You may notice a strong vinegar smell even after it has dried, but don’t worry; it will quickly fade after washing.

Manage Mud Stains with Liquid Laundromats

The mud-stained aftermath of a raining ruby match is enough to make anyone shudder, but with our handy guide on removing mud stains, you’ll have that uniform looking brand new.

If you or your kids have battled with a puddle and come off second-best, head down to our Blacktown laundromat to remove those pesky mud stains. With locations across New Zealand and Australia, Liquid Laundromats is always here to help with any of your washing needs.