Faded jeans may be in, but in most cases, clothes fading is less than ideal. If you’re the type who ignores the care label and tosses dirty laundry in the wash with a cup of detergent and calls it a day, your clothing is probably suffering. That red shirt won’t stay red for long, and that black dress will soon be a dull grey. But don’t worry; all is not lost! You don’t have to be a washing wizard to prevent clothes from fading; follow these laundry tips, and your favourite top may be saved.

Read the Care Label!

For the love of all that is washable, read the care label! This tag is meant to do more than make you itch; it has invaluable washing instructions to ensure your clothing lives a long and colourful life.

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These instructions may tell you to only wash in cold water, use a gentle cycle, or clean with like colours. Don’t forget to check the drying instructions, too – they may call for air drying only. Follow whatever the care label says, and you can avoid washing disasters.

Keep it Cold

If you must wash all your clothes in one load because you’ve run out of time or coins in your pocket for the laundromat machine, then keep it cold. Warm water has a habit of breaking down the fibres of your clothing, which can cause fading, whereas cold washes are far gentler on the fabric.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Washing Settings

If your clothes aren’t overly dirty, don’t choose the heavy wash setting just to make sure they get “extra clean.” All you’re doing is exposing your laundry to further wear and tear, making your clothes fade much faster.

Skip the Dryer as Much as Possible

The dryer is a tempting convenience to avoid if you want to prevent your clothing from fading. While over-drying is bad for all laundry, it is especially harmful to bright and dark colours. The agitation of tumble drying makes the surface of clothing fibres rough, making the colour appear faded.

Turn Your Washing Inside Out

Turning your clothing inside out before washing is a neat trick you can use to avoid fading. Doing so protects the outer fibres from wearing down during the wash cycle while the inner fibres take the brunt of the damage, but it’s no big deal if the inside of your shirt is a little faded.

Save Your Favourite Jumper with These Laundry Tips

Keep your favourite red jumper from becoming salmon pink with these tips to prevent clothes from fading. While it may take a little extra effort, you’ll save plenty of heartbreak and avoid ruining your favourite shirt.

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