There’s something for everyone to dislike about laundry. Impatient people hate waiting for the machine to finish. Easily distracted people hate the monotonous task of folding. And no one enjoys scrubbing stains over and over in a futile effort to remove them.

While we can’t swing by and do your washing for you, we can help make it a little easier and a whole lot more tolerable. Here we have rounded up our favourite laundry hacks to help make your next trip to the laundromat a breeze.

Preform Laundry Magic with White Vinegar

You’ve probably got a bottle of white vinegar in your pantry, but do you have one in your laundry cupboard, too? If not, it may be time to get another bottle. You can use white vinegar for much more than cooking; it’s also an incredibly versatile laundry product. Here are a few ways you can use it:

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  • Add a cup of vinegar to the final rinse to remove any washing powder residue.
  • Use vinegar as a natural deodoriser to remove mildew and body odours from your clothing.
  • Clean your washer with vinegar. Add a few cups of vinegar to a hot water cycle to remove microbes and funky smells from your machine.


White vinegar is a fantastic natural laundry hack for many common problems you’ll encounter when putting on your next load of washing.

Stop the Sock Thief in Its Tracks

If you’re a frequent victim of the sock thief, it may be time to consider using a mesh laundry bag. Laundry bags aren’t just for delicates; they are a great way to prevent the washer from pinching your pairs of socks. Place all your smaller items like socks, beanies, or baby clothes into a mesh bag before washing, and you’ll be able to stop the washing bandit in its tracks.

Wrinkles Are No Longer a Worry

If your favourite shirt has been left in the dryer to wrinkle and you’re about to head out for the night, don’t worry; this simple laundry hack will have your shirt wrinkle-free in no time. Toss your shirt back into the dryer but this time, add a handful of ice cubes and tumble dry for about 10 minutes, and you’ve just created your own steam dryer.

Bring Your Jumpers Back to Life

What do you do if your favourite jumper has come out too small? Whether it was an accident or a result of not knowing that wool and dryers don’t mix, we recommend reaching for your conditioner. Soak your shrunken sweater in a solution of cold water and hair conditioner for at least 30 minutes. The conditioner will help relax the fibres so you can carefully pull the sweater back to its original shape.

Prevent Washing Day Disaster with These Laundry Hacks

You can’t ignore that overflowing washing basket forever! And with these handy laundry hacks, you won’t have to put it off any longer. Head down to any of our Auckland laundromat locations and put these hacks to the test. Washing is no longer a worry with Liquid Laundromats.