Laundromat Savings: How Laundromats Save you Time, Money, and More

Nobody enjoys doing laundry, and even less enjoy the idea of paying for it! However, self-service laundromats may be more cost-effective than you realise. Ditching the home washer in favour of the laundromat can save time, money, and the environment. Discover the many ways you can make savings at the laundromat below.


Money-Saving Laundromat Benefits


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Upfront Cost of Buying vs Using the Equipment

Buying your own washing machine can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Add on the unavoidable maintenance costs, and this price tag becomes a large chunk of change that isn’t entirely necessary.


It will take years of regular use to recoup the upfront cost of purchasing a washing machine outright. If you live alone or in a small family, it will almost always be more cost-efficient to forego a home washer in favour of using a laundromat.


Larger Loads Mean Smaller Costs

While many of us are hardwired to never let our washing baskets get too full, that mountain of dirty washing could be saving you money! The biggest money-saving benefit of going to the laundromat is the amount of washing you can get done in a single load. The large-capacity machines like the ones found at our Rooty Hill laundromat mean you can wash an entire week’s worth of washing for the same cost as the delivery fee on your last Uber Eats order.


Lower that Utility Bill by Going to the Laundromat

Staying on top of your laundry is a great habit, but the cost of an empty laundry basket is usually a hefty utility bill. Washing machines consume significant water and energy during each load, with warm washes using up to 10 times more energy. While a few cents here and there may only seem like a drop in the bucket, constant use of your washing machine can lead to this bucket overflowing. Taking these loads to the laundromat will save you from a shock when reading next month’s bill.


Time is Money

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll save at the laundromat! Ditching the laundry room for the laundromat can be a huge time-saving switch. The commercial-grade machines at laundromats are much faster and larger than your average home washer. You can cut your laundry time in half by saving large amounts of washing and doing them at the laundromat.


Your Local Laundromat is the Eco-Friendly Option

Laundromats are your eco-friendly washing solution, not only saving you time and money but the planet too! Laundromats utilise the latest technology from the washing world to provide the most energy and water-efficient machines available. This higher efficiency and the capability of washing larger loads make for a greener, more environmentally friendly wash.


Start Saving with Liquid Laundromats

Laundromats save you much more than just money! Our facilities will not only wash those expensive utility bills away but cut your laundry time in half and protect the environment! Start tackling your washing the Liquid way and head to your local Liquid Laundromats today.