Bleach is one of our most valuable weapons in the fight against stained clothing. However, it must be wielded with a skilled hand to get the most out of it and avoid any washing day disasters. As one of the leading self-service laundromats in the country, we know a thing or two about using bleach as a stain remover; consider this your ultimate guide to removing the worst of stains with bleach.

What Type of Bleach Should You Use for Stain Removal?

Bleach is a staple in most laundry arsenals, but choosing the right bleach for the job can be tricky. Whether you want to whiten whites or remove set-in stains, you’ll need to know the difference between chlorine and non-chlorinated bleach.

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Chlorine Bleach

When most of us think of bleach, it’s more than likely chlorine bleach we are imagining. Chlorine bleach packs the bigger punch of the two, with high oxidation properties meaning it is very effective at breaking down organic material. However, this cleaning power comes at a price – it increases the cleaning solutions’ wear-and-tear and will discolour or fade dyed fabrics.

Reach for chlorine bleach when trying to get your whites whiter or remove that funky smell from your gym clothes. Just remember to avoid using chlorine bleach on coloured clothing unless you want to turn that red jumper into a tie-dyed outfit better suited to the 70s.

Non-Chlorinated Bleach

Often referred to as oxygen bleach, non-chlorinated bleach is the gentler, less toxic, and more eco-friendly option. This solution can be used on almost all washable clothing, though it’s especially useful for coloured material.

Oxygen bleach does not rely on the same harsh chemicals to remove stains; instead, it works by releasing oxygen with water to lift stains from your clothing. While this method works slower, it is far less corrosive and damaging to the fibres, making it the safer and more suitable option for a wider range of clothing.

How to Bleach Stained Clothes

Whether using chlorine or non-chlorinated bleach to remove stains, you never want to put undiluted bleach on your clothing. Both bleaches are far too strong for fabric without dilution. Follow these steps to use bleach as a stain remover effectively:

  • Step One: As with any cleaning product, take a moment to read the directions on the back for the correct dilution ratios.
  • Step Two: Fill up your sink or a bucket with the bleach solution.
  • Step Three: Dip the stained portion of the clothing into the solution and blot the stain.
  • Step Five: Rinse the clothing in fresh water and leave it to air-dry.

Discover the Cleaning Power of Bleach

Consider using bleach as a stain remover when you need a cleaning product with a little extra oomph. Liquid Laundromats is here to tackle your washing woes. With locations New Zealand-wide and more popping up across Australia, like our new Kingston Laundromat, we are always here to help. Stop by your local Liquid location today.