It’s an all too familiar dance for many of us: you take a bite into a burger, and out of the opposite end, drips some of that greasy goodness straight into your lap. Grease stains are some of the trickiest yet most unavoidable stains there are. Luckily, we have discovered a few unconventional yet effective methods for removing grease stains from clothing. With these laundry tips, you’ll be able to eat your favourite greasy treat without worrying about stains or needing a bib.


Why is Grease so Hard to Remove from Clothing?

Of all possible washing offenders, grease stains may be the peskiest. Not only do these stains stand out like a sore thumb, but they’re also notoriously difficult to remove. Grease is a lipid which is insoluble in water and will cling to the fibres of your clothing, making it difficult to remove with your average washing routine. Thankfully we have some washing tips to make your next trip to the laundromat a little easier.

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Unconventional Methods for Removing Grease Stains from Clothing


Dishwashing Liquid Cleans More Than Dishes

Dishwashing liquid cuts through grease on dishes, so what’s stopping it from doing the same on your clothing? To use dishwashing liquid as a stain remover, squirt a small amount onto the stained area and let it sit for a little while before throwing the item in the wash as usual.


Baking Soda Can Quickly Remove Grease Stains

If the grease stain is fresh, baking soda can be a fantastic quick fix. The absorbent properties of baking soda will help lift the stain from your clothing before it has a chance to settle in.


To use baking soda to remove grease stains from your clothes, immediately sprinkle some on top of the affected area and leave for five to 10 minutes. Then scrub it into the stain; if the baking soda changes colour, you know it’s working. Once the baking soda has turned completely brown, scrape it off and repeat the process until the stain has gone and the baking soda no longer changes colour.


Chalk Up Clean Clothing in No Time

If a few specks of cooking residue or greasy fingerprints have found their way onto your clothing, chalk is an excellent grease remover for smaller stains. Chalk will pull the stain from the fabric onto itself, similar to baking soda.


When using chalk, apply it to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the grease has been fully absorbed, put it through the wash as you usually would.


Don’t Let Grease Stains Get You Down

While removing grease stains from clothing is tricky, it’s not impossible with the above laundry tips. Next time you miss your mouth with that greasy slice of pizza, you can head down to your local Liquid Laundromats with confidence and know exactly what to do! From Auckland to our Blenheim laundromat, we have locations nationwide for your convenience. Visit us today!