To wash or not to wash. We love our jeans and want what’s best for them. But truth be told, jeans don’t require much maintenance; in fact, they prefer very little. Discover how to wash denim jeans at the laundromat with our ultimate denim washing guide.


How Often Do You Need to Wash Denim?

It sounds wrong to admit you don’t wash your jeans often, but when it comes to denim, that’s exactly what you want to do! Despite its reputation as a hard-wearing fabric, denim does not take kindly to regular washing as it causes the material to break down faster and the iconic dye to fade.

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Washing your denim jeans every five to 10 wears or when they develop a funky smell or visible dirt is generally a good rule. However, consider increasing or decreasing this frequency depending on how much you move around in your jeans.


Step-by-Step Guide to Machine-Washing Denim

Understanding how to wash denim jeans in the washer can save you a lot of time and heartbreak come laundry day. Show your jeans the love and care they deserve the next time you’re at the laundromat with our step-by-step guide to machine washing your denim.


Turn Jeans Inside Out and Zip Them Up

Turning your denim jeans inside out will minimise contact with the dye and maximise contact with the part of your jeans exposed to the oils and sweat of your skin. Be sure to zip them up also to avoid the zipper snagging on anything while in the machine.


Choose an Appropriate Washing Powder

Using washing powders designed for dark clothing will help prevent any fading of your jeans in the wash. Bleach is an absolute no-go if you want to avoid permanently damaging the dye, and you’ll want to skip the fabric softener, too, as it can cling to and build up within denim fabrics. In place of these common laundry products, half a cup of distilled white vinegar is a powerful yet safe cleaning alternative.


Wash with the Right Colours

While you should wash a new pair of denim jeans alone the first time to avoid dye transfer, it’s a colossal waste to continue doing so for subsequent washes. Demin can and should be washed with colours such as black, dark blue, or grey.


Choose a Gentle Cycle

Set the machine to a gentle or delicate cycle and choose the coldest water option available. Add your chosen washing powder and let the cycle run.


Always Air-Dry Denim Jeans

While machine-washing denim jeans is okay, you should avoid the dryer entirely. Dyers can be extremely harsh on fabrics, and if you haven’t realised yet, denim is a bit of a diva. To avoid any meltdowns, air-dry your jeans in a well-ventilated space.


Follow These Denim Dos and Don’ts

A favourite of country singers and motorcyclists alike, it’s no wonder denim jeans need a little extra pampering when washing. With this guide on how to wash denim jeans, you’ll be able to head to our Kingston laundromat or any other location with confidence.