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When looking for the nearest laundromat, you won’t have to go far! Liquid Laundromats is your local – we have locations scattered up and down the country to help Australians from all over beat the washing day willies.

Our large commercial-grade washers and dryers operate on a self-service basis, which means can work to your own schedule. No more waiting around for your washing to be ready; just get stuck in!

Our commercial-grade washers and dryers will make light work of any laundry challenge you throw at them. Whether you’re trying to get the kids’ uniforms washed and ready for school or avoid wet work socks for the day ahead, Liquid Laundromats is here to help. To find your nearest laundromat, see our list of locations.


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Liquid Self Service Laundromat,
Hoxton Park Road,
Liverpool NSW,

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Easy-Key self-service laundromats are modern laundromats, providing you with a combination of large and extra-large washers and dryers. For your convenience, you can credit your Easy-Key at any top-up agent, which can then be used whenever you need to get your washing and drying done. When your balance gets low you can top it up again at any Easy-Key agent, located nearby your local laundromat.

Should you be using a Liquid Card site, then purchasing and topping up the Liquid Card is done on-site at the laundromat. Look for the payment centre on the wall.

*If you are using one of the remaining key sites, please contact us for further details on how to purchase a key from an agent and top up your key.

We will respond to you in 1-3 working days. 

When Laundry Day has You Down, Find Your Nearest Liquid Laundromats

Laundry isn’t the most enjoyable chore, which won’t change anytime soon, but you can make it one of the easiest by heading to your nearest laundromat. Liquid Laundromats has locations across the country to ensure you’re never far away from a helping hand come laundry day.