Nothing ruins a stellar outfit faster than lint. There’s nothing worse than finally deciding on an outfit to discover it is covered in that cottony debris. To make getting dressed go as smoothly as possible, we have rounded up essential tips to take with you to our self-service laundromat to keep your clothes lint-free.

How to Prevent Lint Build-Up on Your Clothing

Proper Planning Can Eliminate Lint

Failing to prepare is preparing for lint-covered clothing. Creating lint-free clothing begins with how you sort your dirty laundry. Some fabrics are lint magnets, while others are lint shedders, and you should avoid washing the two together.

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Lint Shedders

  • Cotton
  • Terry Cloth
  • Rugs


Lint Magnets

  • Linen
  • Synthetic
  • Knit
  • Corduroy


Keeping these items separate will significantly reduce the amount of lint on your clothing. You should also try and separate lint shedders by colour. Dark lint will stick out on lighter clothing and vice versa.

Lint in the Washer Will Lead to Lint on Your Clothes

If there is excess lint in your washing machine already, there is only one place it will end up – all over your nice clean clothes! Stop fluff from floating around in your washer by ensuring the filter is always clean and clear of lint.

Add White Vinegar to Reduce Static

As if you needed any more reasons to start stocking your laundry cupboards with white vinegar, as it turns out, it’s fantastic for removing lint too. Adding a cup of white vinegar along with your clothes in the wash reduces the static of your clothing and will prevent lint from clinging to them.

Turn Your Clothing Inside Out

Everyone is bound to have a favourite sweater knitted by grandma that is, unfortunately, a lint magnet. No matter what you do, it comes out of the wash looking dirtier than when it went in due to all the lint. In these situations, try washing the items inside, bypassing the sticky lint problems and minimising shedding.

How to Remove Lint from Your Clothing

Lit Rollers are Essential

A lint roller is essential in your closet, work desk, purse, and car. Lint is bound to find its way onto clothing no matter how hard you try, so it’s always a good idea to keep a roller handy for quick touch-ups. But what if you don’t have one lying around?

Consider Purchasing Some Pumice

If you’ve joined the pumice skincare revolution, you’ve got the perfect lint roller substitute in your bathroom. Grab your pumice stone and rub it over the affected item to remove any piles or specks of lint.

Dryer Sheets are Useful Even After Your Clothes are Dry

The antistatic properties of dryer sheets make them the perfect tool to keep your clothing lint-free. All you have to do is rub the surface of your outfit with a dryer sheet, and you’ll be fuzz-free in no time.

Say Goodbye to Lint Covered Clothing

Keep your outfit looking its best by keeping your clothing lint-free. Next time you visit our Whangarei laundromat or other Liquid Laundromat locations, remember our handy tips and make laundry life a breeze!