Has it been a while since you washed your duvet? Are you looking at your duvet and questioning if it will fit in the washer? Do you want to know how to wash it without making it all lumpy?
You’re not alone. Duvets are the most neglected bedding item in many households. We will regularly wash our sheets but quickly forget about our duvets. Washing duvets and other bulky items can be a headache. Read on for answers to common questions on how to wash a duvet and other bulky fabrics.

Is it Better to Take Your Duvet to the Dry-Cleaners?

Avoid expensive dry-cleaning bills and wash that duvet yourself! Most bedding is safe to be placed in the wash. However, you should always check the wash label instructions to make sure your item is machine washable. Duvets and the like require ample space when washed. The large-capacity commercial washers available at liquid self-service laundromats are perfect for washing these items and avoiding those unnecessary dry-cleaning bills.

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How to Properly Wash Your Duvet


Duvets will require a large machine so they can move throughout the wash to get a proper clean and avoid compressing. Use a cold water setting for a gentler wash; it is also a good idea to use an extra rinse cycle to make sure the detergent is entirely flushed from the material.


It is essential to use a delicate detergent to avoid harming the filling in your duvet. It is also advisable to use slightly less than the recommended amount to ensure no leftover residue.


Bedding needs more time in the dryer than usual but be sure to use a low heat setting to keep the filling from clumping together and damaging your duvet.

How to Stop Your Duvet Getting Lumpy

We all want to avoid lumpy bedding; the easiest way to keep your duvet filling fluffy is to use an appropriately sized machine. The large capacity machines at a laundromat will give your items plenty of room to tumble around. To give them a fluff can do wonders to keep the filling evenly distributed. A favourite tip of ours is to add a few tennis balls so they can bounce around against the filling and keep it from clumping during the drying process.

How Regularly Should You Wash Your Duvet?

Washing your duvet is equally as important as your sheets; just because they have a cover doesn’t mean they avoid getting dirty. Thankfully it’s not needed quite as regularly. Your duvet should be washed around every three months; a good rule of thumb is to wash them every change of season.

Make Washing Oversized Laundry an Effortless Task

We spend around a third of our life between the sheets, so it’s essential we keep them clean. Washing bulky bedding doesn’t have to make laundry harder. By taking it to the laundromat and utilising these helpful hints, you can have your duvet washed and dried easier than ever.