Our furry friends bring plenty of snuggles home, but they also bring plenty of dirt and smelly odours, especially in their bedding. Your dog enjoys sleeping on clean sheets as much as you do! Pet bedding is usually bulky and thick, so cleaning them can be challenging. But with the help of our laundromat facilities and this handy guide on washing pet bedding, you’ll have your little buddy’s bed clean in no time.

Remove as Much Pet Hair as Possible First

If you put your pet bedding straight into the wash without giving it a brush down first, you’ll end up with a hairy washing machine and pet bedding still covered in fur. The best way to remove hair from bedding is to grab a lint roller and a bit of elbow grease and get brushing. If there’s a lot of hair, the vacuum can come into play also. Whether you brush, vacuum, or rigorously shake it off, you want to remove as much hair as possible.

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Take Any Padding Out of the Bedding

We all love spoiling our pets, so chances are their bedding is wonderfully plush and full of padding. This padding keeps your four-legged friend cosy but makes washing pet bedding a nightmare. If the stuffing is removable, you’ll want to whip that out before washing as it can retain a huge amount of water.

Pre-Treat Any Stains

If mud inevitably finds its way onto your dog whenever it goes outside, chances are its bedding will have a few stains that need pre-treating. You can use any stain remover just as you usually would. Don’t worry about the chemicals harming your pet, as they will wash off during the cleaning process.

Head Down to the Laundromat

With everything prepared, head to your local Liquid Laundromats to wash your pet’s bedding. Due to its size, pet bedding often can’t be cleaned in your home washer, which is why our facilities have large-scale machines built specifically for pet items.

It’s always best to wash pet bedding on a warm cycle, as this will give you the best chance of removing any particularly funky odours. However, be sure to check the care label first!

You’ll also want to choose a pet-friendly washing powder, as some common chemicals in detergents may harm your pets. Look for pet detergent that dissolves pet hair to ensure the bedding comes out fur-free.

Dry According to the Care Label

You can put most pet bedding in the tumble dryer on a gentle setting for easy drying. However, you’ll want to check the care label first, which may require air drying instead. If that’s the case, place the bedding in a sunny spot and let nature work its magic.

Get Your Pet’s Bedding Up to Snuff

Give your precious pet the sleep it deserves by swinging by our Queenstown laundromat or any of our other locations across New Zealand. Washing pet bedding has never been easier with Liquid Laundromats.