Has washing become a never-ending battle in your home? Tackling that pile of dirty clothes can be an unappealing task but it still needs to be done, no matter how much we fight it.

You can’t avoid it, but you can make life a lot easier with a self-service laundromat. Below, we discuss the benefits of commercial washing machines vs. home washing to help you conquer that mountain of dirty clothes.


Save Time! Wash Everything at Once

It’s not easy keeping up with the washing. It can pile up impossibly fast if you have a large family, but you don’t have to spend your whole weekend doing the washing. At a laundromat, you can fill multiple washers and dryers simultaneously and tackle all your washing in one fell swoop. No more wasting your precious weekends within earshot of your washing machine’s beeps.

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Use Larger Washers and Dryers

It isn’t just clothes you need to wash, but blankets, duvets, and other large items, which can be challenging to wash at home. The larger-capacity machines used in laundromats offer plenty of space for more oversized items to move around freely, ensuring they get clean and dry faster.

Cleaner Clothes

If your clothes never seem to come out clean after washing them at home, it’s probably because you’re overfilling your machine. You have two options: put on more loads—taking more time and costing more in water and energy bills—or head down to the local laundromat. Larger commercial-grade washing machines give your washing the extra room needed for soap to enter all the nooks and crannies and ensure your clothes come out fresh and clean.


Reduce Your Utility Bills

Self-service laundromats will save you more than just time. Between the excessive amounts of water used and the high electricity demand, constantly using your home washing machine takes a heavy toll on your utility bill. The commercial-grade machines used in laundromats are highly efficient, resulting in smaller utility costs and more significant savings for users. When you use a self-service laundromat, you will reduce your water and energy consumption at home. Make the switch and you’ll enjoy smaller utility bills in no time.


Environmental impacts

Commercial grade washing machines, which you’ll find in any Liquid Laundromat location, use far less water and energy than your at-home counterpart, making them the environmentally-conscious method of cleaning. A household washing machine requires around 100 litres of water per load, whereas commercial-grade machines can reduce that figure by more than half, depending on size. Thanks to larger machines, laundromats cut down on the number of loads needed to complete your washing, further lessening the environmental impact of laundromats compared to home washing.


It’s Time to Give Laundromats a Go

Tackling that pile of washing can be a scary chore; why not make it easier on yourself? Even if you have a washing machine at home, it’s surprising how pain-free laundry becomes when you utilise a self-service laundromat—providing cleaner, quicker, and easier laundry services. Next time your washing basket is complete, head down to your nearby Liquid Laundromat instead of taking it to the washroom.