Simple Ways to Save Money on Laundromat Costs

These days, there are so many things competing for our money, and let’s face it, doing laundry isn’t the most thrilling way to spend it. Laundry is an inescapable household chore that comes with an unavoidable price tag. But there are ways to minimise it! Read on to discover a few simple ways to cut laundromat costs.


Wash Fewer Loads

We’ll start with an easy one; only wash full loads. The cost of a single load doesn’t change whether you have an overflowing washing basket or a few pairs of dirty underwear – so accumulate and maximise the size of the machine! Doing so cuts down on trips to the laundromat and saves not only money but time.

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Granted, this will require a little bit of strategy on your end. Try to save your laundry for a week or more and do it all in one large load. For families, especially those with children, this will be easy, but it can be challenging for those that live alone. In these cases, grab a friend or a friendly neighbour and share loads with them.

As a bonus, washing your clothes less often also helps them last longer. So, you’ll also save money on buying new clothes – whether that is a good or bad thing is up for debate.


How Much Washing Powder do You Really Need?

A sure-fire way to cut costs at self-service laundromats is to ditch the fabric softener. Fabric softener is often an unnecessary expense and can actually be harmful to the absorbency of towels and the anti-sweat properties of workout clothing.

Unwilling to part with your fabric softener entirely? How about a substitute? Vinegar works as a low-cost alternative that will loosen detergent residue and soften clothes in the wash. Add half a cup of white vinegar during the final rinse cycle, and you’re good as gold. Vinegar may not smell great out of the bottle, but don’t worry; your clothing won’t come out smelling like a jar of pickles. Vinegar doesn’t leave any odour and can actually help remove odours from laundry and brighten both white and coloured clothes.


Forget the Fabric Softener

Aside from looking after your favourite items of clothing, you want to look out for the machine. Whether it’s at home or at a laundromat, there’s nothing fun about dealing with a broken appliance. The best way to avoid this is to put items in one-by-one, instead of throwing everything in at once.

Empty every pocket before doing a load of washing. Things like coins and keys can go unnoticed and give the machine a bit of a beating inside. The same goes for zippers; keep them zipped up and under control. Be mindful of clothing with hard elements such as metal buttons or other things that could potentially damage the drum or rubber seals.

Wash Away Laundry Hassle with Liquid Laundromats

With these tips, you can easily cut costs at the laundromat and wash the red out of your budget in no time. Liquid Laundromats have locations littered up and down the country, from our Palmerston North laundromat all the way up to Kaitaia. No matter where you are in the country, you can rely on us to keep your washing clean.