How to Wash a Suit Jacket at the Laundromat

It’s only a matter of time before your favourite suit gets dirty. The cleaning label will likely say it must be dry cleaned, but is that really the case? Luckily for you, the answer is a huge money-saving no! Discover how to wash a suit jacket at the laundromat and save yourself time, effort, and expensive dry-cleaning bills.


Step by Step Guide to Washing Your Suit Jacket


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Check the Cleaning Label on Your Jacket

It’s always important to check the cleaning label on your clothing before washing, especially with suit jackets. However, a lot of the time, ‘dry clean only’ is used as more of a precautionary measure than anything else. If your suit is made of wool, cotton, silk, or linen but is labelled dry clean only, chances are you can get away with washing it yourself.


Test-Clean Your Suit Before Washing it

Before learning how to wash your suit jacket, it’s essential to know how to test-clean it. Apply water to a patch of your suit along with a little washing powder and fabric softener, then gently rub the area with a cotton swab. If any of the dye is coming off, it’s a sign you’ll need to dry clean it. If nothing comes off, you’re good to go.


Washing Methods

Machine Washing

Washing a suit jacket by machine is relatively simple. Turn your jacket inside out and place it into a mesh laundry bag. Make sure you use a cold wash and the gentlest option available and let the machine take care of the rest. Once done, lay your suit out flat and let it air dry. Easy as that!


Hand Washing

With delicate fabrics such as wool, skip the machine and wash by hand. Dip your suit in a bucket of cold water with a washing powder appropriate for wool, gently rubbing any areas where there are marks. Rinse it thoroughly and leave it to air dry naturally.


Suit Jacket Maintenance Tips

Along with understanding how to wash a suit jacket, learning to maintain your suit properly will significantly extend its life span.


Use a Suit Brush

Brushing your suit regularly after wearing it will prevent the build-up of dirt and unseen particles. Regular brushing will extend its lifespan and reduce the need for washing.


Use Quality Coat Hangers

Hangers won’t help you clean your suit jacket, but they will certainly help maintain it. A high-quality hanger will prevent wrinkles and stop the fabric from losing its form over time.


Use a Cloth Suit Bag

Most suits come with a plastic carry bag; you’ll want to swap this out for a cloth bag as soon as possible. Cloth suit bags provide better airflow and let your suit breathe while protecting it from moths and other potential damages when stored.


Swap Out Expensive Dry-Cleaning Trips with Liquid Laundromats

Now armed with the knowledge of how to wash a suit jacket, you can cut out those expensive dry-cleaning trips and visit our Melville laundromat or any of our other locations nationwide the next time your suit needs a good wash.