Debunking Five Common Dryer Myths

From old wives’ tales to the ludicrous laundry rules you inherited from your parents – there is a lot of misinformation swirling about regarding dyers. While not quite as dramatic as ‘fake news’, it’s still well worth debunking these dryer myths so you can make the most of your next trip to the laundromat.


Dryers Shrink Your Clothing

No, they don’t! Clothes shrink when there’s a lack of moisture in the fibres. Since clothes go in the dryer after being in the washer, this is almost always a non-issue. If your extra-large shirt has come out of the dryer looking more like a small, it’s probably got more to do with the material than it does with the dryer itself. Reading the care label before putting your clothes in the dryer will tell you if it’s safe to do so and recommend the right setting.

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You Can’t Overload a Dryer

A common dryer myth floating around is that you can’t overload a dryer; we are here to tell you that you can. In fact, overloading can significantly affect the performance of your dryer. Airflow is vital to efficient drying; if you stuff the drum fill to the brim, you’re not allowing air to circulate properly, and your clothes aren’t likely to come out dry. Long story short – don’t overload your dryer!


Dryer Sheets can Cause Fires

Dryer sheets won’t start a fire in your dryer, but poor maintenance can. Since dryer sheets go in the drum along with your clothes, there’s no chance of them getting into the vent to clog it up. The only fire hazard you should be concerned about is lint build-up around the vent and lint filter.


Dryer Lint Isn’t a Big Deal

If you don’t mind reduced performance and potential fire hazards, let that lint collect as much as you like. Removing lint isn’t so much a dryer myth as it is something most of us are unaware of. A clogged lint filter will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your dryer and potentially cause a fire within the machine while functioning. Most manufacturers suggest cleaning the lint filter after every load, and it is a habit we should all get into.


Your Dryer Is Eating Your Socks

Wherever the sock monster lives, it isn’t in your dryer. If your pairs of socks are coming out as singles, it’s most likely because you’ve dropped them between the laundry basket and the machine, so check around the dryer before accusing the sock monster.


Put These Dryer Myths to the Test with Liquid Laundromats

Dryers have been wrongly accused of countless laundry mishaps over the years, but here we have cleared their name by debunking some common dryer myths. Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing, so head to a Liquid Laundromats store and try it out for yourself. From our Whangaparaoa laundromat to our Invercargill location, Liquid Laundromats is helping Kiwis get their washing done.