The Benefits of Commercial-Grade Washers

The commercial-grade washers found in Liquid Laundromats stores represent peak performance in the washing world and boast a laundry list of benefits over their residential counterparts. These lean, mean laundry machines are equipped to handle anything you throw their way. Discover the many benefits of commercial washers below and why it is superior to your typical residential machine.


Superior Functionality

Our commercial-grade washers come fully kitted with all the bells and whistles to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of people and clothing. From denim jackets to lacey dresses, clothing has varying tolerances to washing processes; having more options available in a single machine means you can get the optimal wash every time.

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The superior functionality of our commercial washers means you don’t have to “make do” with the handful of options on your home machine and risk your favourite outfit coming out discoloured or three sizes too small.


Larger Capacity

Larger capacity washers like those found at our Ingleburn Laundromat are built to tackle those Everest-sized washing piles or duvets and blankets that present too big of a challenge for your residential machine. The capacity of commercial-grade washers means you can complete otherwise impossible laundry jobs yourself instead of forking out a pretty penny for the dry cleaners.


Faster Wash Times

Laundry isn’t exactly fun; we can’t change that, but we can make it quick. Commercial-grade washers’ cycle times will, on average, be around twice as fast as your home machine. The cycle times and larger capacity mean you can complete more quickly. Nobody wants to spend more time than they have to when doing laundry, and you won’t have to when using our laundromat facilities.


The Eco-friendlier Option

Here at Liquid Laundromats, we work hard to turn your laundry green – in the metaphorical sense, that is! The water and energy used when doing laundry at home can increase your energy bill and environmental impact. One of the best ways to combat this is by ditching the residential machines in favour of using the laundromat. Our commercial-grade washers use far less water than your home machines, are more energy efficient, and allow you to wash bigger loads, all of which help to reduce the environmental impact of doing laundry.


Save on Running Costs

A common misconception about laundromats is that they cost more than doing it yourself – this isn’t exactly true. The small charge of using the commercial-grade machines at Liquid Laundromats is vastly outweighed by the savings you will incur by not running your home washer. You should notice a difference in your next utility bill by washing larger loads less often at the laundromat.


There’s Simply No Competing!

Whether you’ve let your washing load get a little out of hand or the kids have come home caked in mud, our commercial-grade washers are equipped to handle any and every challenge you throw their way. Enjoy the benefits of our commercial washers and start doing your laundry the Liquid way! Visit your local Liquid Laundromats today.